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Welcome To My Computer Service Website!

This site was developed so I could help you with your computer needs. I do not have a staff and believe in completing all services myself. I am happy to address any concerns you have. Please do not feel intimidated by your questions. I do not make anyone feel embarrassed for asking questions, even if you believe your question may be self-evident to others.


A computer virus is probably the most frustrating issue a residential customer faces regarding their computer. Viruses can be removed safely and proper software can be installed to prevent further frustrations and infections. I can assist with responsible recommendations that will definitely help avoid future occurances.

Another big concern in this day and age is child safety while online. This is another area that my services can assist you with. There are many programs that will act as a web filter, but the key is how to set those programs up so they are effective and achieve the highest level of safety that you, as a parent, are comfortable with. My expertise will assist you on this. I have young children and being a responsible parent means protecting them as best I can from online issues.

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I service the entire Twin Cities metro area in Minnesota. Please make an appointment here Online Scheduling, or call me at 651-621-3116.